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IDMacs is complete Wireless Access Control Management System.Unlike other conventional access control system IDMacs requires no additional controller, reader, hardware and bunch of cables, it is a standard Electromagnetic lock with innovative inbuilt controller and advanced features, thus making the system easy to install, configure, up-in-running in few minutes with minimum steps.


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IDMacs is complete Wireless Access Control Management System combining more than one innovative and advanced technologies to deliver a smooth, seamless and easy access control system in most secured environment of physical access control space

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Access Control Management

IDMacs System comprises of only four essential components such as Lock with inbuilt controller, Door ID (QR-Code or NFC Tag), Mobile credentials and Host application

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Controller Report

Eliminate controllers and sub controllers,Secured Wireless Communication,Only Power supply to the lock is essential,No Wiegand/OSDP readers required,Eradicate too many cable laying effort and cost.